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Is it biblical to be friends with your ex

Yes, it is possible that your husband is born again. He may be like one of the many Christians in the ancient city of Corinth who did not act or live like a believer. But the Apostle Paul was very concerned that they were not real and so he urged them to evaluate their own lives and ask themselves if they were real (2 Corinthians 13:5).

But it’s something to be aware of. Remember, dreaming about an ex doesn’t mean you are missing your ex, it could be the house you lived in, the area, the mutual friends you had, or all the things you did together. Your ex represents a part of you There is a theory that your ex represents a part of you that you might be neglecting. All you think about is negative, you can hardly remember anything good about your ex anymore. 6. You feel all the losses are irreparable. You have lost the person you once loved and who was.

After the Breakup: A Self-Love Journal: Prompts and Practices to Help You Get Over Your Ex. ... Rachel Sussman (the author) acts as a gentle and wise friend who walks with you in your healing journey from a break-up. Using examples from break-up experiences of many real women (including the author herself), she validates your own break-up.

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There is comfort. “My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life” (Psalm 119:50). In a divorce situation, loneliness can creep into your heart and mind. Yet it is possible to be alone and not lonely for those who seek their comfort from the Lord and not the empty promises of the world.

21. Dream of ex girlfriend kissing someone else. When you dream of an ex-girlfriend kissing someone else, it symbolizes your acceptance of the breakup. The dream means that you have overcome the trauma of a broken relationship. You have learned to let go of the memories of the past and move on with your life.

Denying yourself does not mean tweaking your behaviour here and there. It is saying 'No' to your deepest sense of who you are, for the sake of Christ. To take up a cross is to declare your life (as you have known it) forfeit. It is laying down your life for the very reason that your life, it turns out, is not yours at all. It belongs to Jesus.

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